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Buttock augmentation using a fat transfer (fat grafting)

Buttock augmentation using a fat transfer (fat grafting)
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Brazilian butt lift buttock augmentation MelbourneImproving the roundness and contours of the buttocks using fat transfers is becoming increasingly popular, being known as the ‘Brazilian buttlift’ or ‘Brazilian buttlift surgery’.

Taking fat from one part of your body and implanting it another is a developing technique that is proving useful for many applications, including improving the appearance of scarring, plumping sallow cheeks, and acting as a more natural alternative to implants and some types of fillers.

After buttock augmentation using fat transfers, your buttocks will look rounded and lifted (but not bigger necessarily), while looking and feeling completely natural. Fat transfers are an increasingly useful option in reconstructive surgery.

How butt lifting surgery (Brazilian buttlift surgery) is performed

To perform the butt lifting surgery, we do liposuction on another area of your body to get the fat we need, for example the abdomen or thighs. This takes a skilled liposuction practitioner, with Dr Michael Rich at our Melbourne clinic well-known for in Australia and globally as a liposuction pioneer. You may be able to do more than one procedure at the same time, with skin tightening or liposuction techniques for further body shaping depending on your needs.

The fat that was suctioned out is then put through a special process to make the fat into a form that is easy to inject into another area of the body. The injections are layered, so the fat is not just injected into one spot – it needs to be injected in a specific way so as to ensure a smooth result.

The so-called Brazilian buttlift is not a buttock lift per se, but performed at our Melbourne clinic using fat injections to balance out the buttocks. Fat transfers create a new contour of the buttocks, depending on your individual needs – some people want more volume, while others want reshaping, or both, which results in a natural buttock lift.

What’s the difference between buttock implant surgery  and buttock fat transfers (Brazilian butt lift surgery)?

A buttock implant is like a breast implant – an artificial physical implant that must be monitored and possibly even replaced periodically. Buttock implants can shift and move, and may cause problems in future, though with a great surgeon, buttock implant surgery can be an option for some people.

There are some key differences to buttock implants and buttock fat transfers (Brazilian butt lift surgery). First, our Melbourne clinic does not perform buttock implants, but we do offer buttock fat transfers. Fat transfers have a much quicker recovery time, and the buttocks feel softer and more natural; buttock implants can feel a bit more muscular.

Recovering from buttockaugmentation using fat transfers

The buttock fat transfer procedure takes a few weeks of recovery, with a low chance of rejection, since the tissue is your own.

Does buttock augmentation using fat transfers leave scars?

Your only scar will be a tiny incision used for the liposuction, to get the fat from the other area of your body for your Brazilian butt lifting treatment. Liposuction incisions are very small, so heal over and become invisible over time. There are no scars from the fat transfer injections themselves, since they are just a regular injection that heals quickly usually without incident.

We do Brazilian butt lifting treatments using fat transfers.
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