ENRICH Glycolic Skin Solution – 100ml

ENRICH Glycolic Skin Solution

Developed by Dr Rich, ENRICH Glycolic Skin Solution – a must for Acne-prone skin, adult or adolescence. The combination of Glycolic Acid (Plant-derived Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)), Probiotic Peptide and amino acid helps to resurface the skin reducing congestion, enlarged pores, pimples and bacteria.

Aids collagen and elastin stimulus reduces pigment and provides vital nourishment. In addition L-Carnitine – Amino Acid – Increases skin cell turnover, and D-Panthenol – Vitamin B5 adds nourishment that restores hydration levels, with skin-soothing and Anti-inflammatory properties. The application is simple: it comes in a spray pack and can be dabbed on with a cotton pad. Apply morning and night to affected areas.

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