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RF treatments for acne scars – remodel the scar, reduce its appearance

RF treatments for acne scars – remodel the scar, reduce its appearance
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Radiofrequency (RF) treatments have come a long way, particularly in treating acne scarring. Targeted radiofrequencies remodel collagen, which means deeper layers of skin are treated with thermal energy beams in a very specific manner – this means surrounding tissue remains untouched. The thermal energy breaks down scar tissue, which can then be ‘remodelled’, reducing the appearance of scarring.

The RF process is gentle, with very little or no downtime required.

How does RF work on acne scars?

Heating the deeper layers of skin to a specific temperature, for a predetermined period of time, denatures the collagen that makes up your scars. This denaturing then results in remodelling of your scar tissue, to improve its appearance.

Who can use RF for acne scars?

RF for acne scarring works best on those with mild to moderate scarring, requiring between three and five sessions for best results for most people. Other anti-acne or anti-scarring techniques may be used together with RF treatments, depending on the needs of your skin. RF for acne scarring is safe for all skin types.

The acne scars that respond the best to RF treatments are fresh, so less than six months old. Rolling scars see the best results, but all types of scars (ice pick, box car, and tethered) will also respond. Darker skin responds very well to radiofrequency treatments.

What happens after the treatment?

After the treatments, some redness of the skin will be visible for one or three days, depending on the treatment intensity and the level of scarring. Over the coming weeks, the treatment starts to take effect as the collagen changes, and skin improvements will begin to take shape.

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