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How to stick to your acne medication even if it sucks (or costs too much)

How to stick to your acne medication even if it sucks (or costs too much)
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Sticking to your acne treatments can be hard, especially if it doesn’t feel like its working fast enough or well enough, and often if it’s costing you a lot. There are a few reasons why you might be struggling with your treatments, but it’s true that the best acne treatment is the one you stick to! At least to eliminate it from the arsenal.

The main reasons you might struggle to keep up with your acne treatments:

  • Cost of acne treatments
  • Lack of alternatives if you can’t pay, or can’t pay as much
  • Your dermatologist doesn’t know you can’t afford your treatments so can’t help
  • Inconvenience and frustration when fulfilling prescriptions
  • Side-effects from treatments
  • Pain or discomfort with treatments

Managing costs of acne treatments

We understand that some acne treatments can cost a lot, so we urge you to discuss your acne treatments and budget with your dermatologist at the very beginning (or if something changes) so he or she can get you the best treatments at a price you can afford. Stopping your treatments because you ran out of funds, but didn’t tell your dermatologist, means you’ve just wasted your initial consultations and possibly the first few treatments.

Alternatives – there are many!

If you are low on funds, your dermatologist can find a cost-effective option, including some treatments that are available on Medicare. For example, for women, going on the pill is one of the cheapest management strategies for acne because the pill is subsidised by Medicare. The pill isn’t necessarily the best acne treatment, since it only masks your symptoms and doesn’t fit well with many women, but it may be easier and cheaper for you until you have more money to pay for the more expensive, deeper-acting options.

Your dermatologist may suggest one or two skin treatments instead that could cost more upfront, but may rejuvenate and repair your skin, creating a deeper and more lasting change. When it comes to acne, there is plenty that you can do for yourself at home too, including following a low-glycaemic index diet (like diabetics) and exercising, to help clear hormones from the body and minimise your acne.

If your acne treatments are causing side-effects that you find intolerable, talk to your dermatologist to ask why the side-effects are occurring and what can be done about it, including changing your treatments or sticking it out. Having support, and someone to listen when your treatments suck, is important. Sometimes treatments become intolerable and you need a break – we get it.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to acne treatments, so talk to the dermatologists at ENRICH in Melbourne to see what your options are. We will work with you to get the most for your money, time, and emotional effort – we know treating acne is taxing! Let us help you.

Acne treatments we offer

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