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Zap sweaty armpits for good with new device

Zap sweaty armpits for good with new device
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Get rid of excess sweating MelbourneA new dermatologist’s gadget has arrived in clinic for those wanting to get rid of sweaty armpits in a more long-lasting fashion than antiperspirant can offer. The ‘excessive sweating treatment device’ sends energy into the sweat glands of the armpits, destroying them. A 90-minute treatment cuts sweat by 82 percent.

The excessive sweating treatment device is the non-invasive miraDry, specifically formulated for excess sweaters. The device is handheld and looks like a bigger version of a supermarket scanner. Each treatment – with only two required for excellent results – targets the underarm after local anaesthetic is injected to avoid discomfort. The glands get sucked to the surface of the skin, and are then zapped with electromagnetic energy.

The typical excessive sweating treatment has been special antiperspirants and nerve signal interrupters, the type used in anti-wrinkle injections on the forehead. These treatments, while effective, must be repeated and don’t solve the core problem of overactive sweat glands. More extreme treatments involve surgical removal of sweat glands.

When does sweating become a ‘condition’?

Sweating is normal and serves important functions, however when sweating gets out of control, you know about it because antiperspirants simply don’t work or don’t work very well. It could certainly be argued that being very sweaty is not a medical condition, but excess sweat can be due to a medical condition, in which case establishing the cause becomes important. Sometimes being an excess sweater is genetic, sometimes its due to a medical condition, and other times it’s situational.

Being super sweaty sure does put a damper on getting dressed up and being nervous. Having to take a change of clothes with you, and feeling anxious that your sweaty armpits will be on display cause embarrassment and inconvenience.

What about excessive sweating treatments for other areas of the body that sweat a lot?

Feet and hands are other classic heavy sweat areas, and men sweat more than women, and have saltier sweat. This can mean men suffer excess sweating problems more often than women, but the condition is no less embarrassing for either.

So far this excessive sweating treatment has only been approved for use on the armpits, not feet or hands. This doesn’t mean it won’t later be approved for treating hands or feet, but more trials need to be undertaken to establish safety and effectiveness. Hands and feet need to be addressed differently, since the skin is different on these body parts compared to armpits.

We have over two million sweat glands across our bodies, and don’t need the armpits for cooling, though more research needs to be conducted on how removing important odour transmitters secreted by our armpits may impact us. We send a lot of signals via odour.

Hair removal too, if you want.

Because the miraDry knocks out the sweat glands inside hair follicles, another handpiece, the miraSmooth, targets the hair follicle, thus removing hair. Hair-free sweat-free armpits are now a possibility, with a non-invasive two-time treatment at your Melbourne cosmetic dermatologist’s clinic.

We can now give you sweat-free armpits in two sessions.
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