Wrinkle prevention: is there such

1 November, 2019
When considering the future of your face, many of you may be wondering if there is such a thing as 'too early' to start an anti-ageing regime. To answer this question, we need to understand a little bit about how the skin ages, and thus what is worth spending time and money on and at [...]

Different types of thread and

24 September, 2019
The thread lift is a new, minimally invasive method of addressing facial laxity and creating a more youthful facial profile. Thread lifts are a far less drastic approach compared with a facelift and fill the gap we had between no lift and a surgical lift. Not everyone is willing or able to undergo facelift surgery, [...]

Non-invasive face treatments

16 September, 2019
At ENRICH Clinic, we have many effective non-invasive facial treatments to suit your budget and skin goals. There are so many, with multiple names, that you may not know where to start. Here we offer you an overview of an excellent way to choose treatments based on your skin goals. Before we get into the [...]

Why two skin treatments can

28 August, 2019

Combining skin treatments may seem like double the effort, but it could offer triple the benefit. There is no single ‘best’ treatment when it comes to your skin. Often a few excellent procedures combine that offer, together, even better results than you’d see with just one treatment alone. If you are concerned about signs of […]