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Can my second facelift be as successful as the first?

Can my second facelift be as successful as the first?
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faceliftSome of you may be wondering if your second facelift will be as successful as the first, with the answer being a resounding yes: most patients in an ongoing study were found to have a successful second facelift a decade after the first. Some of those patients also went on to have a successful third facelift.

The ‘secondary’ facelift can achieve excellent results with low rates of complications, researchers found. A doctor performing facelifts from 1990 until 2010 – over 800 in total – performed 60 second facelifts on his patients. The study looked at the success of those operations, including the techniques used, outcomes, and how long the results lasted for. Any patients in for minor revisions were excluded from the study.

Out of 57 women and three men undergoing facelift surgery for the second time, most were aged about 51 at their first facelift, and 60 at their second. The first facelift therefore lasted the patients about nine years. Ten of these patients underwent a third facelift later on, with the time between the second and third facelift being just 7.5 years on average.

Complication rates were low, at five per cent, and about the same level of risk as the first facelift. There was no increase in facial nerve injury the second time around.

What is a suture lift/thread lift?

At our Melbourne clinic, we don’t do surgical facelifts, but we prefer to use nonsurgical methods to lift the facial tissue and provide exceptional anti-ageing treatments, including the suture lift. We can tighten and rejuvenate skin using laser and radiofrequency devices, enhancing the jaw and skin around the eyes to give a more youthful appearance.

The suture lift does not provide as dramatic results as a facelift, but if you’re not ready for surgery, we can help.

We do beautiful nonsurgical facelifts anytime.

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