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Breast reduction with liposuction

Breast reduction with liposuction
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If you’ve been wanting to get a breast reduction but hate the idea of undergoing surgery, you’re in luck. Liposuction may be the low-impact high-results solution you need to shed the burden of large breasts without the cost and commitment of a surgical breast reduction.

The benefits of using liposuction in breast reductions are numerous when compared with a surgical breast reduction.

Here’s why our liposuction breast reduction patients are so happy:

  • Full breast stays intact – no ugly scars
  • Two tiny, almost invisible incisions at the sides of each breast
  • Breastfeeding is not impaired – ducting stays intact
  • Experience a natural breast lift with normal post-liposuction skin retraction
  • Retain natural shape and feel of breasts
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Local anaesthetic only
  • Less expensive than a full breast reduction surgery
  • A surgical breast lift can be applied later if necessary
  • Freedom!

You don’t need us to tell you why a breast reduction is a good idea, but you may need more information on why liposuction is the way to do it in individual patients. This consideration may involve costs of a liposuction breast reduction.

What a surgical breast reduction involves

A surgical breast reduction causes significant damage to breast tissue, involving removal and repositioning of the nipple. The nipple is physically disconnected from the ducting, which means no breastfeeding afterwards and considerable scarring.

While breastfeeding may not be a concern for many of you, if breastfeeding is ahead of you, you have to wait until your breastfeeding days are over to get the surgery, not so with liposuction.

Liposuction leaves ducting in place. There is no destruction of tissue since we only suction away fat. There is plenty of evidence that ducting and breastfeeding is unaffected by liposuction breast reduction.

liposuction breast reduction

What the science says

A 2004 study found that ‘liposuction breast reduction is an excellent method of breast reduction when applied to the proper patient’. The study’s authors, who were involved in over 350 breast reductions, concluded that:

  • Complications are infrequent
  • Recovery is rapid and easy
  • Liposuction breast reductions offer a useful alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery in many patients

Who gets the most out of a liposuction breast reduction?

Some patients are better suited to the use of liposuction for a breast reduction at ENRICH Clinic than others. The difference is in the contents of the breasts.

Not all breasts are fatty; some breasts contain greater amounts of fibrous tissue. Liposuction cannot remove fibrous or glandular tissue – just fat.

It can be hard to tell whether your breasts contain more fat or fibrous tissue, so an examination by Dr Rich, our liposuction expert, is the best way to find out. However, you can feel for yourself – fat is soft, while fibrous tissue feels firmer and has form to it.

The more fat we carry, the more fat will usually be deposited in the breasts. Breast size tends to rise and fall with fluctuating weight, but can also change after pregnancy and with hormonal fluctuations. Breastfeeding may change the shape and composition of the breasts.

Thin women with large breasts tend to have more fibrous breast tissue – think Barbie. Barbie would probably not be the right candidate for liposuction breast reduction. The younger and thinner you are is related to how much fibrous tissue you are likely to have.

If you have large, soft breasts and your main issue is excess breast weight and size, you’re probably a great candidate for a liposuction breast reduction. If you’re concerned about very saggy breasts, rather than the weight or size of the breasts, liposuction breast reduction probably isn’t for you.

Women over 40 tend to have significantly fatty breasts and often see a surprising and significant breast lift after a liposuction breast reduction, despite the intuition that older skin has less elasticity and will not retract as well.breast reduction liposuction

Here we run you through some of our liposuction breast reduction FAQs

  1. Will a liposuction breast reduction make my breasts saggy/have loose skin?
    No, your breasts will not get saggy/saggier due to a liposuction breast reduction, because the skin naturally retracts around the breast’s contents. In fact, a liposuction breast reduction provides a natural lift to breasts; however, it may take a few months for the full extent of the retraction to be visible.
  2. Can you guarantee breast size reduction?
    We cannot guarantee the outcome of your liposuction breast reduction because we can’t gauge fat content exactly until the treatment is underway. You may have more fibrous breast tissue than fat, and thus the reduction of breast volume may be less than you wanted. We will never take more fat out than you wanted. Your age, height and weight will be an excellent guide to what we can expect, and our experienced liposuction expert, Dr Rich, can guide you.
  3. One breast is larger than the other. Can liposuction correct this mismatch?
    We can very easily get your breasts to match without visible scarring on the chest by only treating just one breast to match the other. We can also reduce breast size while evening up the breasts in one treatment.
  4. How long does it take to recover from a liposuction breast reduction?
    Recovery time depends mainly on how much fat we remove. The more fat that taken, the more swelling and tenderness results. The average time to return to work is about five days, and return to a regular exercise regime is about two weeks. Each of you will be a little bit different; Dr Rich will advise you on the specifics.

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