How skin works – skin

25 January, 2018

Human skin comes in a wide array of colours and tones, from very black to very white. This variation is due to two primary factors: the amount of UV exposure we get and our genetic predisposition, which combined determines how much melanin we are able to (and do) produce. ‘White’ skin isn’t actually white The […]


Treating melasma

1 June, 2016

Melasma can be a difficult condition to treat and requires specialist dermatologist assessment. In the wrong hands, treatment can actually worsen the pigmentation – even if a treatment improves the melasma initially, it can result in an even more prominent, darker rebound-pigmentation. Melasma can fade on its own. This often happens when the trigger causing […]


Treating freckles

19 March, 2016

Freckles can be addressed with treatments progressing from gentle topical creams to more aggressive lasers. Gentle topical agents These treatments have minimal downtime and including simple daily topical agents and regular peels. The following topical agents contain active ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve pigmentation treatment. Vitamin C Bleaching creams (with hydroquinone and kojic […]


What does melasma look like

1 March, 2016

Melasma typically forms on the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks and above the upper lip, with patches of pigmentation usually brown to grey-brown in colour. Although melasma does not cause any discomfort, it is often an annoying problem due to its high visibility. It causes distress because it can be difficult to cover with […]