Lunch time, pamper time –

26 November, 2018
With party season upon us, why not make your next lunch break work double time and pop into ENRICH Clinic for a midday pick me up? You’ll be glowing in time for the  silly season. Here, we outline our favourite, no down-time lunch time treatments to get your skin sparkling in time for the season's [...]

Dermatology Melbourne – Skin specialists

22 November, 2018
Dr Michael Rich leads a team of experienced and skilled cosmetic dermatologists, doctors and nurses. ENRICH Clinic is also home to the most advanced, state-of-the-art treatments and technologies. We also pride ourselves on our expertise in skin treatments. Contact ENRICH Clinic to secure an appointment with one of our experienced dermatologists. Dermatologist – working from [...]

Get set – glow! Dermatologists

30 October, 2018
At ENRICH Clinic, we know that glowing skin reflects a picture of good health. Our clinic is home to state-of-the-art technologies and treatments to get you looking and feeling your best. Led by Dr Michael Rich, our doctors focus on the individual’s skin and how we can help to get their skin into peak condition. [...]

How skin works – skin

25 January, 2018

Human skin comes in a wide array of colours and tones, from very black to very white. This variation is due to two primary factors: the amount of UV exposure we get and our genetic predisposition, which combined determines how much melanin we are able to (and do) produce. ‘White’ skin isn’t actually white The […]