Treating pearly penile papules in

19 September, 2019
Pearly penile papules (PPPs) can develop at any age, including teenage boys. PPPs are not dangerous and are not infectious, but the wearer of this string of pearls may not appreciate these additions. Dear Teenage Boys, Quick facts on pearly  penile papules: PPPs are not contagious (you did not catch them off someone else) PPPs [...]

Causes and treatments of rosacea

17 September, 2019
A lot has changed since rosacea was given its deeper classifications in 2002. Rosacea is a syndrome, which means a collection of signs and symptoms, with four subtypes identified in the 2002 review. The review was good news for anyone suffering from rosacea because since then, more treatments have been developed and tested for each [...]

Non-invasive face treatments

16 September, 2019
At ENRICH Clinic, we have many effective non-invasive facial treatments to suit your budget and skin goals. There are so many, with multiple names, that you may not know where to start. Here we offer you an overview of an excellent way to choose treatments based on your skin goals. Before we get into the [...]

What is the difference between

28 August, 2019

A mole and a freckle share many of the same qualities, with the main one being colour. However, moles and freckles are different in some key ways, with the most significant difference being that a mole will be slightly raised, while freckles can’t be felt if you run your finger over them. Moles also tend […]