Experiencing tattoo regret? Laser tattoo

5 July, 2018

Tattoo removal treatments have come along way, from the original Q switch lasers to the current technology of Picosecond lasers that are able to emit light and pulses into the skin lasting just billionths of a second! ENRICH Clinic Melbourne is home to the latest technology in laser tattoo removal. There’s no need to live with […]


Five great lasers and what

19 May, 2018
There is a laser treatment for everything in cosmetics, from visible blood vessels, redness, scarring, wrinkles, liver spots, age spots, rosacea, and pigmentation issues. Understanding what lasers are good for which skin tasks is good to know, because you can then find the clinics that are best equipped to solve your skin problems in the [...]

Microneedling versus laser treatments for

3 February, 2018
Microneedling is proving itself to be a viable alternative to laser treatments in acne scarring. There has been a lot of hype in certain circles about microneedling, but it hasn’t always stood up to scrutiny – there can be over-the-top claims made, without the evidence required to back it up (yet). Microneedling is a very [...]

Laser resurfacing procedures

25 May, 2016

At ENRICH, we offer the highest quality laser resurfacing with the UltraPulse CO2 laser, which uses fractional laser technology to effectively resurface the skin with fewer risks and less downtime than traditional CO2 lasers. The UltraPulse uses tiny columns of laser energy that leave part of the skin intact to help speed recovery and reduce risks. The […]