How much hair loss is

17 August, 2019

Looking at the mass of hair in the plughole after a shower or bath may be alarming. It’s normal to lose a certain amount of head hairs per day; everyone is different. The number will vary per person depending on how many hairs there were to start with and what is going on in your […]


Whats the buzz about skin

1 July, 2019

Skin needling is an effective skin rejuvenating procedure, often used for reducing fine lines, remodelling scars, and improving skin texture.


How your own plasma may

20 June, 2019
Hair loss in men and women can be treated using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). We only use your own plasma (blood) for these hair-loss cures, never anyone else's. This makes PRP a very safe treatment option, particularly compared with many other hair-loss cures on the market. Can baldness be cured? Research shows that PRP may play [...]

What to ask a cosmetic

4 April, 2019

We run you through the questions to ask a cosmetic surgeon before surgery, so you know what you’re in for and what you’ll get out of it.