What to ask a cosmetic

4 April, 2019

We run you through the questions to ask a cosmetic surgeon before surgery, so you know what you’re in for and what you’ll get out of it.


Managing eczema during pregnancy

25 April, 2018

Eczema can cause itching, dry skin and redness, which may normally be resolved using medications that are not permitted during pregnancy, conception or breastfeeding. So what to do? Eczema can flare up during pregnancy, which happens in about half of cases, or even appear for the first time. In about a quarter of women, however, […]


Injections may be superseded by

13 March, 2018

People who suffer from eczema and receive medication via injections may be in for a treatment surprise if phase two trials are successful with an oral medicine. A new tablet or capsule may replace the usual injections given for severe eczema, which can have terrible side-effects with long-term use. People on eczema injections sometimes find […]


Phobia of topical corticosteroids for

20 November, 2017

People with eczema are now understood to run the risk of developing treatment phobias, possibly affecting over 80 per cent of sufferers. The phobia of topical corticosteroids when treating eczema is a very real problem, being called ‘a phenomenon’ by researchers. A review by Dr Richard Antaya and his colleagues at Yale University School of […]