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Cosmetic tattooing for nipples – a new trend with a uncertain future

Cosmetic tattooing for nipples – a new trend with a uncertain future
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Nipple tattooing is the latest cosmetic procedure to appear in the UK, with semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing pigments and techniques used to darken, enlarge and define the nipples and areolas.

The new treatment is being dubbed ‘tittooing’, with the techniques taken directly from breast reconstruction procedures. Women can now augment the appearance of the nipple and areola, with only a few top-ups over a lifetime required.

Nipple tattooing may be used to balance out uneven breasts without surgery, complement breast augmentation procedures/breast reconstructions, or simply appeal to the owners of small or odd-shaped nipples. (There is no reason that men can’t get tattooed nipples, but it seems to be more popular with women.)

One UK clinician offering the nipple tattoos is apparently a busy lady – over three nipple tattoos per week are being performed in her clinic. Apparently dark nipples are the fashion now. The price tag is nothing to sniff at, however, with the two-hour procedure costing around AU$2,000 for both nipples.

Cosmetic pigments last in full bloom for 12-18 months, with top-ups recommended to restore faded ink. The skin is colour-matched, then the anaesthetised nipple is tattooed.

Laser tattoo removal – difficulties with cosmetic pigments
While the tattoo ink in regular tattoos is reasonably straightforward to get off with advanced laser tattoo removal procedures, cosmetic tattoo ink is not so easy. This is because cosmetic tattoo pigments are made from semi-permanent ‘natural’ pigments that are designed to be less of an allergy or reaction risk for delicate areas like around the eyes and lips, but it means they sit in the skin differently, and respond to the laser differently.

Laser tattoo removal of cosmetic pigments is unpredictable, can leave shadows on the skin, and may also discolour the remaining pigment in the skin. If you change your mind, letting them fade off is possibly the best option, but this doesn’t account for your cosmetic tattooist making an error, or you really hating the effect and regretting it immediately. In this case, laser tattoo removal procedures may be an option.

Laser tattoo removal of cosmetic tattoos can be done at our Melbourne clinic, however we do advise our clients that a test patch may be performed to see what the outcome may be and we cannot guarantee results. Despite the variable results of removing cosmetic tattoos, we have the best lasers in Australia for laser tattoo removal, and they have the best chance of removing your cosmetic tattoos.

Laser matters when it comes to laser tattoo removal
The laser we use at our Melbourne clinic is called a picosecond laser (PiQ04), which works to break up pigments into smaller pieces so they can then be reabsorbed by your body, and removed via normal excretion processes over time. The picosecond laser is faster, less painful and more effective at this process than other lasers.

We have been doing laser tattoo removal at our Melbourne clinic for decades, because we have the best lasers and staff for the job – high-tech, state-of-the-art tattoo removal lasers and experienced, skilled tattoo-removal specialists. Our laser tattoo removal specialists have magnificent equipment that is ideal for laser tattoo removal procedures, and more than one at hand. Our equipment and expertise also means that if you get your nipples tattooed, and then want it gone, we are in the best position to help.

We are one of the most experienced laser tattoo removalists in Melbourne.
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