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Experiencing Tattoo Regret? Laser Tattoo Removal At Enrich Clinic Melbourne Could Be The Answer

Experiencing Tattoo Regret? Laser Tattoo Removal At Enrich Clinic Melbourne Could Be The Answer
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Tattoo removal treatments have come a long way, from the original Q switch lasers to the current technology of Picosecond lasers that are able to emit light and pulses into the skin lasting just billionths of a second! ENRICH Clinic Melbourne is home to the latest technology in laser tattoo removal. There’s no need to live with tattoo regret any longer. Our team of experienced doctors are highly skilled and specialised in the treatment of laser tattoo removal. Contact us now – we have the latest technology in laser tattoo removal and our clinic is staffed by experienced doctors and nurses.

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Safe removal of majority of tattoos

With new technology, the majority of tattoos can be safely and effectively removed or modified.

Laser tattoo removal is generally effective on close to all tattoos. Our lasers can treat both professional and amateur tattoos. Professional tattoos will generally require more treatments than amateur tattoos. Cosmetic tattoos, such as lip liner, eyelids or brows can also be removed using laser tattoo removal and will typically require less sessions than other tattoos.

In rare cases, a tattoo might be partially resistant to treatment. This means that it is not possible to completely remove or reduce the tattoo in its entirety. This will be outlined in more detail in consultation with your doctor. Additionally, the number of treatments required will be dependent on a number of factors. Your doctor will be able to advise you on these specifics. Factors that may determine how many treatments will be required include:

  • Skin type
  • Location of the tattoo
  • Colour of the ink used in the tattoo
  • Amount of ink present in the tattoo
  • Scarring
  • Whether or not the tattoo is layered

How does laser tattoo removal Melbourne work?

Lasers used in the treatment of tattoo removal, such as the PiQo4 laser available at ENRICH, deliver extremely short (we’re talking billionthsof a second!) and high-powered pulses into the pigment of the tattoo. This causes the pigment in the tattoo to shatter. The pigment is disrupted and the immune system can naturally remove it from the body. Laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable. Numbing and anaesthetic agents can be used prior to the treatment to help alleviate discomfort as much as possible.

Side effects – laser tattoo removal Melbourne

In very rare cases of laser tattoo removal, some scarring may occur. This is more likely if there is pre-existing scaring in the area from any initial tattoo treatment. Additionally, some laser tattoo removal may result in pigmentation issues. Your doctor will outline in detail any potential side effects of laser tattoo removal, along with the likelihood of them occurring.

Want to banish that tat? We can help! Contact ENRICH Clinic Melbourne to make an appointment for laser tattoo removal.

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