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What’s involved in a non-surgical brow lift?

What’s involved in a non-surgical brow lift?
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As we age, the eyebrow starts to fall. This is due to the structure of the bones in the face, as well as the loss and movement of fat along the upper and lower eyelids. Skin elasticity also plays a role, since the less collagen and elastin our skin produces, the less it is able to hold itself up.

A drooping brow can make a face look older, so anyone looking to enhance their face may enjoy the results of a non-surgical brow lift.

Techniques for lifting the brow
A brow lift might include use of muscle-relaxant injections into the muscle that sits above the actual eyeball, but underneath the brow bone. Injections of a dermal filler may be added along the margin of the brow and in various spots in the top third of the face. Our dermal fillers are a naturally-occurring ingredient in our skin and provides fullness, hydration, and stimulates collagen production over time.

The forehead and temples may also be treated with filler to create some fullness and reduce boniness. These treatments, when used for a basic brow lift, cause an immediate, long-lasting lift of the brow without any surgery. Multiple treatments of dermal filler is recommended a few weeks apart for best effect.

An experienced doctor must perform this seemingly simple but actually complex treatment. There are some very delicate structures around the eyes and head that must be preserved.

Results and recovery
Everyone’s face is different, so whatever you present to your doctor with is what they have to work with. The more elastic the skin, the better the results. Treatments may cause some redness for a few hours, but injection-based treatments usually don’t require any downtime.

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