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Excel V Laser for Blood Vessels

Excel V Laser for Blood Vessels
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What is the Excel V laser?
The Excel V laser is the latest laser technology in the fight to treat unsightly blood vessels, unwanted redness and flushing, as well as many other vascular lesions, particularly on the face, neck and chest. Although primarily a vascular laser, it may also be used to treat pigmented lesions, and, in particular, is safe for use on darker skin types, which may be problematic with other lasers.

How does the Excel V laser work?
The Excel V laser is extremely versatile with virtually 3 lasers in 1, with a 532nm wavelength and a 1064nm wavelength and a Genesis component.

  • The 532 nm wavelength targets the superficial network of vessels.
  • The 1064nm wavelength targets the deep plexus of vessels.

Combined with a unique skin cooling system, and an inbuilt mechanism to vary the amount of energy delivered and the speed of energy delivery, the Excel V can be tailored exactly to individual skin needs. This allows for safer delivery of energy to the skin and more precise penetration of unwanted blemishes compared with previous lasers. This means less risk of scarring and other laser complications, as well as better results.

The Genesis component of the Excel V laser allows for treatment of the minute, unseen blood vessels that cause background redness and flushing.

What is involved with an Excel V treatment?

Excel V is only carried out by our highly trained doctors at ENRICH, and Genesis by our highly trained nursing staff.

  • The face is gently cleaned to remove any surface residue.
  • A thin gel coat is applied to the skin to allow the laser hand piece to glide over the skin.
  • Opaque goggles are placed over the eyes to protect them from the intense light of the laser.
  • Mild discomfort is felt from the pulses of the laser akin to being flicked with a rubber band.
  • Afterwards, soothing cool air and ice may be applied to the skin to reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Treatment may be followed up with time under the LED Diode to aid healing.
  • Swelling or bruising can occur for several days after treatment.

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