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How cheek filler makes you look younger

How cheek filler makes you look younger
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Cheek Filler Melbourne Near MeAnyone cursing their chubby cheeks or ‘baby face’ usually feels more grateful as they age, since having fuller cheeks is a youthful sign on the face.

This works in our favour as the loss of collagen and elastin takes its toll on the face, causing it to start looking thinner as the skin hangs a little. Gravity and a loss of volume mean our cheekbones become more prominent, which is where cheek filler can step in.

We plump the cheeks with dermal filler, a safe and effective anti-ageing treatment at our Melbourne clinic. Plumping the cheeks with cheek filler is a simple process whereby we target specific points on your cheeks to fill them out. The effect is subtle, and generally indiscernible – you may not even notice yourself in the mirror, because you look like yourself – on a good day, a few years ago.

Cheek fillers may even be more effective than getting specific lines filled in, since the reason the lines can deepen is actually because the cheek tissue is sagging. Cheek fillers are a more natural way to lift the lines around the mouth, and actually more effective as an anti-ageing trick in most people. It’s not that lines shouldn’t be filled, but that as an adjunct, cheek fillers can make all the difference.

Our patients absolutely love cheek fillers, since a thinning – or naturally thin – face sometimes makes us look a bit older than we might feel or be. Cheek fillers add definition to the face, with comments typically being that friends, family and colleagues say, ‘Wow, you look great!’ even though on the inside, you are just the same as you were. Looking like you, but better, is the goal of cheek fillers. This is not ‘plastic surgery’ as such, but a gentle plump.

The Triangle of Youth

This idea of the magical ‘triangle of youth’ is that in a young person, the widest part of the face is the cheeks. As we age, the triangle turns upside down as the jawline becomes the widest part, since the cheek tissue hangs down.

Why cheek fillers are so useful as an anti-ageing strategy

Cheek filler is easy to inject, safe, and very effective. It is also temporary, with cheek fillers lasting between six and 12 months, which works well for us because our faces change so much over time – you don’t want to be stuck with cheek fillers that suited you when you were in your thirties, in your fifties or sixties. Cheek fillers last a longer time than other areas (like lips) because cheeks, for all their visibility, actually don’t do much moving. When it comes to fillers, action causes the filler to be absorbed quicker.

Cheek filler also stimulates collagen production, improving the strength of the skin. It’s not just a matter of filling the skin with an unnatural substance or even collagen itself – the dermal filler we use is naturally found in skin, with the loss of it the key factor in ageing. Our dermal fillers are made from a fluid found in human tissue (skin, eyes, joints), but we use the synthetic variation (not animal derived) to avoid allergic reactions. This is what makes our cheek fillers so safe.

Keeping the balance

Your facial features are all about balance. We sometimes want to counteract volume loss, add to or augment a feature, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which cheek fillers can help with on all fronts.

We love our cheek fillers!
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