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Non-surgical tools to tighten, sculpt and tone your chin

Non-surgical tools to tighten, sculpt and tone your chin
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Non-surgical chin and jawline contouring treatments can dramatically affect how we perceive the face since the chin and jaw are key framing elements. 

Male and female characteristics differ in what is considered desirable, with a strong, squarer jawline for men and a softer, smoother jawline for women. A double chin on anyone can add years to the face. 

There are many options for augmenting the profile of the lower face. At ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne, we offer non-surgical chin and jawline treatments for anyone looking to get more out of their facial structure or shave a few years off their appearance. We can slim the face, balance features, reduce pointy or bony protrusions, increase volume in an undefined chin and contour the jawline.

Non-surgical chin and jawline treatment options

Times have changed, and there is no need to have mild to moderate enhancements to the chin and jawline through surgeries. Our non-surgical chin sculpting options are relatively quick in-clinic procedures and include: 

  • Chin liposuction
  • Ultraformer III
  • Fat-dissolving injections
  • Trusculpt
  • Dermal fillers
  • Thread lift

We tailor every treatment to the patient to support individual aesthetic goals, which could mean combining effective treatments. 

Chin treatments to enhance masculine features may include enhancing the jawline to appear more square and chiselled. Enhancing feminine features often includes softening a prominent jawline or slimming the face for a sleeker profile. We can correct asymmetry, bumps and bulges. 

Treating a sagging jawline (jowls)

Jowls develop when the cheek loses the fat volume beneath it, causing the skin to fall downwards with gravity and a loss of strengthening collagen skin fibres. Over time, the bones of the jaw and mid-face lose bulk, reducing the supportive structure that holds our skin up. Ultimately the neck muscles and other soft tissue have less support to hold the facial skin in place, so it droops or hangs, resulting in jowls. 

Skin elasticity plays a role in an ageing jawline. Therefore, we enhance the chin and jaw area through skin tightening treatments such as the Ultraformer III, Trusculpt and thread lifts. 

Chin liposuction for a double chin can also offer remarkable skin lift since once you remove the small pocket of fat from the front of the neck, the skin naturally retracts.

Adding volume into the cheeks with dermal filler can also affect how the facial skin sits. Cheek fat volume is a hallmark of youth, so replacing this volume with dermal fillers can take your face back a few years instantly.

Reshaping the chin and jawline

One of the benefits of dermal filler is the visual trickery on the observer’s eye. We can strategically add dermal filler to make a prominent chin or jaw look smaller – by making it bigger but more balanced. By adding dermal filler into hollows and rounding out square shapes – or squaring out round shapes – we can recontour the chin and jawline with ease. 

We inject dermal fillers into the subcutaneous soft tissue over the jawbone to offer support, lift and volume to the lower face. The filler softens fine lines and wrinkles while sagging areas see a lift as we replace volume. 

We can create symmetry for both sides of the jaw and chin with quick and almost painless treatments, with immediate results. In addition, recovery from facial injections of dermal filler is mild. 

One of the benefits of dermal filler is that it is a temporary treatment and fully reversible. Dermal filler can be long-lasting depending on the injection site and your biology, but you can expect these treatments to last many months, sometimes up to a year,  before top-ups are required. Dermal filler can be an opportunity to try a look before committing to more extensive surgery, or it can be an ongoing and modifiable treatment that changes with your ageing face. 

We use anti-wrinkle injections into the masseter (chewing) muscle to reduce some volume if that is an issue for a patient. The anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscle so it can’t retain its bulk. Anti-wrinkle injections into the jaw is also a medical treatment for teeth grinding or other tight jaw issues. 

We use anti-wrinkle injections on the platysmal band, the muscle that pulls the jaw tissue downwards, creating a stringy-looking neck, or to stop the end-of-chin muscle, the mentalis, from tensing up and becoming ‘witchy’. 

Double chin treatment

So many of our patients struggle to get rid of a double chin with weight loss alone since fat under the chin doesn’t tend to disappear with exercise and diet modifications. Double chin treatments typically include chin liposuction or fat-dissolving injections. 

We can also remove fat using some of our high-tech devices, such as the Trusculpt. For example, getting rid of a double chin is relatively straightforward, though some techniques will suit individual patients better than others.

Getting rid of neck fat, fat under the chin, and tightening the skin on the face can be achieved without drastic treatments. Our chin sculpting treatments are relatively lightweight in appointment and recovery time, but the results can be dramatic. 

One of our most popular treatments is double chin liposuction because it can make you look years younger and slimmer without much effort at all. 

Get in touch to see how we can help with your jawline and chin. 

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