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Radiofrequency: effective cellulite treatments are now a reality

Radiofrequency: effective cellulite treatments are now a reality
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  • Radiofrequency: effective cellulite treatments are now a reality

Radiofrequency treatments are very effective for body contouring, fat reduction or reshaping, and cellulite reduction, when used correctly.

While there is still no long-lasting ‘cure’ for cellulite (it is natural, after all), we now have more useful – and longer-lasting relatively speaking – cellulite treatments.

When we use radiofrequency technology by itself or in combination with other body recontouring treatments and devices, contouring and reshaping of fat is a reality. As we heat fatty layers under the skin in a controlled fashion, the tissue tightens, blood flow increases, and fatty deposits can be drained away over a period of weeks using your own lymphatic system. These fat and cellulite treatments (in whatever combination is suitable for you) can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Even with the most basic of radiofrequency cellulite treatments, you will be able to notice the difference, and if you are getting fat-removal treatments too, the reduction in cellulite will be even greater and will include fat loss. That means that you could, for example, have radiofrequency and fat-freezing treatments on your thighs to see not only improvements in cellulite, but a decrease in the size of your thighs.

There are many options when it comes to cellulite treatment devices, though we have our preferences. ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne has the most up-to-date effective cellulite treatments available, as well as world-class invasive or non-invasive fat-removal technology.

Radiofrequency as a cellulite treatment

We’ve been using electricity, heat, cold, and waves of all kinds in medicine for a long time. Radiofrequency treatments have been used in dentistry, gynaecology and plastic surgery, with dermatological and cellulite treatments being a relatively new use.

Radiofrequency used to be a tool that worked more like a laser, but now non-ablative treatments have been developed so that the radiofrequency waves can penetrate the skin, effecting change beneath the layers, as opposed to just acting on top of skin. This protects the epidermis, while causing microscopic changes to the deeper layers, triggering collagen production and contraction, ultimately resulting in collagen remodelling. Due to the columns of fibrous tissue squeezing fat out the top being the cause of the appearance of cellulite, remodelling these collagen fibres creates visible change on the top of the skin by relaxing the columns of collagen.

What is radiofrequency, and why is it effective as a cellulite treatment?

Radiofrequency is the lowest of the electromagnetic radiation frequencies within the spectrum – the spectrum includes radiowaves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, UV rays, x-rays, then gamma rays. All of these rays are electromagnetic in nature.

‘Radiofrequency’ refers to the number of waves per second that an electromagnetic field has within the radiowaves area of the electromagnetic spectrum. We create electromagnetic waves using electricity – radiowaves – which have varying wavelengths, which is why we can listen to some radio stations from far away and others only close-by. When we focus these waves through special devices and use them on the skin, the waves are centred on just one area and cause an impact on skin cells when applied correctly.

When we apply radiofrequency energy to our bodies, we become part of the electrical circuit, with anything that causes resistance – our skin cells, hair, etc. – resulting in heat. This heat can then be harnessed and directed for maximum effect.

The reason that radiofrequency can be used safely is because most of the waves scatter at the barrier of the first few layers of skin, while some gets through to the deeper layers – this preserves the top layers (unlike laser, which doesn’t scatter, but works on the top layers only), acting deeper.

This is why we love both radiofrequency and laser treatments equally, but use radiofrequency as a very effective cellulite treatment at our Melbourne clinic.

We have the best and most effective cellulite treatments.
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