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The jawline and jowls – how liposuction can change your profile

The jawline and jowls – how liposuction can change your profile
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  • The jawline and jowls – how liposuction can change your profile

If you have fat pockets in your jawline and jowls, you may benefit from a small procedure to remove some of it, effectively reshaping the jaw, chin, and neck. When you can’t tell where your face stops and your neck starts, liposuction can really help. It’s a short procedure with a fast recovery time, since not a lot of tissue – fat – is actually removed.

The skin naturally retracts back to where it would normally sit, so you won’t get any sagging or bagging of loose skin. Our skin is naturally very elastic, and will quickly fall back in line with our body when some tissue is removed.

What are jowls?
Jowls are the side/bottom of our cheeks, just above the jawline in between the ears and chin. Jowls often mean there is loose skin on the face (as we age it becomes saggy), which is one of the reasons people have historically opted for a face lift. Face lifts are being performed less and less these days, as more effective solutions are found for the face, like dermal fillers, laser, radiofrequency treatments, and the suture lift. These non-invasive treatments mean more natural results, since the skin of the face is corrected in gentler ways.

If your jowls are not completely loose or hanging skin, liposuction can be a really useful tool in correcting the contour of the jaw. This may be done at the same time as liposuction of the neck and chin area.

If you are considering taking steps to recontour your face, we can help. We have the best cosmetic dermatologists in Melbourne, and understand how to get you looking your best – and keeping you there – for life.

Talk to us about how we can recontour your face.
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