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Treating pearly penile papules in teenage boys

Treating pearly penile papules in teenage boys
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pearly penile papules in teenage boysPearly penile papules (PPPs) can develop at any age, including teenage boys. PPPs are not dangerous and are not infectious, but the wearer of this string of pearls may not appreciate these additions.

Dear Teenage Boys,

Quick facts on pearly  penile papules:

  • PPPs are not contagious (you did not catch them off someone else)
  • PPPs will probably be with you for life (but can disappear in some men later on)
  • You must have your parents consent to have PPP’s removed if you are under 18
  • You may learn to love your PPPs or at least make peace with them
  • If you hate them, we can get rid of them
  • PPPs are vapourised in our clinic by Dr Michael Rich at ENRICH Clinic
  • Once vapourised, PPPs do not return
  • You aren’t losing anything functional if you want to have your PPPs vapourised

Why do PPPs grow if they are useless?

Researchers think PPPs are a remnant from when we were a different sort of creature and had what’s known as ‘penile spines’.

Humans haven’t used penile spines in quite some time, but some animals still use them during mating. Penile spines don’t have a nice name, and their function is what it sounds like: when the penis enters the reproductive tract of the female, the spines flare out, trapping the penis inside the female’s body until the sperm exits and the penis retracts. This strategy is presumed to ensure reproduction. Brutal, but nature is not always as lovely as we think.

These days this strategy would be considered a little over the top for us humans, where consensual sex and reproduction is preferred. We have developed other methods of trying to get people to have sex with us, so the penile spines fell by the wayside. Thank you, nature.

Like many parts of our bodies, penile spines are now a genetic remnant that appears in some guys and not in others. We don’t know why.

What is the PPP vapourising procedure like?

It might sound scary to have a laser beam near your penis and apprehension is complelety normal. Dr Rich, however, is a very experienced pearly penile papule removalist, having performed this procedure hundreds of times.

The procedure goes a little something like this:

  1. You make an appointment to see Dr Rich.
  2. He’ll ask you to drop drawers so he can take a look and determine if you do, in fact, have PPPs (and not something else like a sexually transmitted infection).
  3. If the PPPs are confirmed, Dr Rich can set up your appointment(s) to vapourise the bumps with one of ENRICH Clinic’s state-of-the-art lasers.
  4. At your appointment, the head of your penis is numbed with numbing cream for about 45 minutes, so you don’t feel anything.
  5. Dr Rich will gently and carefully aim the laser beam and perform the treatment.
  6. Once the PPPs are all treated, yes, your penis will be a little tender.
  7. Usually only one treatment is required however on the very rare occarion, a repeat treatment maybe required  to ensure all the papules are gone.
  8. You’ll be sent home with aftercare instructions, and can expect your penis to take up to 7-14 days to fully heal. That means being gentle with it as the small wounds heal and scab over. So, err, no touching…

Recovery from PPP removal

Because the procedure is performed on a very delicate area of the body, the care instructions are important. Treat the small wounds like you would any other wound: keep it clean and dry, don’t pick it, don’t touch it with dirty hands, and use any products as instructed by Dr Rich.

Wash only with warm water in the shower, and pat dry gently (don’t rub).

The end of the penis, where the urethra exits, is not affected by PPP removal so urinating won’t be any different except in where you hold yourself to go. You’ll soon find out what you can and can’t do, so be gentle when going to the bathroom.

Without being too dramatic, you’re going to have trouble doing anything much more than going to the toilet until the skin heals. Luckily genital skin heals quite quickly so your penis won’t be out of action for long. You can expect a fast recovery, within days, without complications.

You can lubricate the healing skin with a little Vaseline or Stratamed a few times per day. Ointment helps the skin stay supple and flexible as you heal, lubricating the penis against itself (foreskin) and the fabric of underwear.

You can expect the penis to be red and a little swollen after treatments, but this will dissipate as healing commences.

Because we use an anaesthetic cream, there is no need for more invasive anaesthetics such as injections that work to block nerves. The treatment is performed on outer skin only, so only the outer skin requires numbing.

We can remove PPPs on any skin tone without resulting in hyper- or hypopigmentation. Healing is quick and usually without incident. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection, but due to antibiotic overuse, a local cream or just ointment may be preferable.

Infection is not anticipated and is rare, but it’s  super important to be diligent with hygiene and your after-care. We cannot stress how gentle and dilliegnet you need to be with this very intimate area.

We do love our lasers and believe they are the most effective way to remove PPPs. Scientific research backs this up – see for yourself!


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