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How to use Vaseline or paw paw ointment for dryness and cuts

How to use Vaseline or paw paw ointment for dryness and cuts
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Using petroleum jelly Melbourne dermatologistVaseline used to be in every family’s bathroom cupboard, and was used for everything from cuts and scrapes to dry skin. The reason Vaseline works so well and was so popular, is because it creates a barrier between the outside world and the skin, trapping moisture in, and keeping germs and dirt out. This can be great for chapped lips, cracked elbows, and cuts and scrapes.

Petroleum jelly is the core substance in Vaseline, and is also present in many commercial paw paw ointments. While we may be a little leery of anything containing things from petroleum, remember it’s not a bad thing, just a tool that we use for many different applications. Petroleum jelly is a very benign substance on the skin and won’t irritate, unlike many other products.

You can use any type of petroleum jelly product of your choosing for:

Dry skin – lips, eyelids, elbows, apply after skin has been wet to trap in moisture.

Cuts and scrapes – minor wounds can be helped along in their healing by applying some petroleum jelly to create a barrier, and keep a scab soft. This is particularly useful for areas where a dry, tight scab will crack open with movement, like elbows and knees.

Chafing – if you have areas of skin that are rubbing together and causing irritation to your skin, apply petroleum jelly or paw paw ointment to the affected area.

Nappy rash – nappy rash appears when the barrier layer of the skin is broken. Petroleum jelly can act as a barrier, keeping moisture in and bacteria out.

Nail cuticles – if you get regular nail treatments, rub some petroleum jelly into your cuticles between appointments to keep nails strong and your cuticles healthy. Apply to recently-damp nails.

If you are having trouble with your skin or nails that can’t be solved with a little petroleum jelly, we are here to help.

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