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We have the most advanced vaginal laser in Australia

We have the most advanced vaginal laser in Australia
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Vaginal rejuvenation by laserThe Juliet Erbium laser system is one of the leading lasers for vaginal rejuvenation in the world, with ENRICH having the only Juliet laser in Australia. Our Melbourne clinic offers fast, effective vaginal rejuvenation treatments, performed by experienced, compassionate doctors.

Vaginal rejuvenation by laser has only recently become a viable solution for vaginal or urinary laxity (‘loose’ vaginas, urinary stress incontinence) and tissue dysfunction (dryness, irritation). We believe our Juliet laser is an outstanding machine, a leader of her kind, and while other lasers (like the Mona Lisa) have been incredibly progressive in forging the way for this impressive second-generation vaginal laser system. We believe Juliet can deliver a more effective and safer result.

The Juliet actively triggers the regeneration of vaginal cells without surgery, saving many Melbourne women from discomfort and shame.
We think she’s amazing! 

  1. Fast
  2. Effective
  3. Discreet
  4. No anaesthesia required
  5. Minimal downtime
  6. Just 1-2 treatments required
  7. Lowered risk of infection or bleeding
  8. Lasting results
  9. Surgery-free

laser vaginal rejuvenation

How does it work?

The Juliet laser works to restore proper metabolism and function of connective tissue in the vaginal mucosa and submucosa, the vaginal layers with the most collagen, supporting the greatest elasticity and moisture-producing cells. The laser stimulates these cells directly without interfering with nearby tissue, with one or two 15-minute sessions offering lasting results.

How fast does it work?

The difference can be felt immediately after the first 15-minute treatment, but the improvements in thickness, softness, elasticity and lubrication continue over the weeks after treatment, as the cells regenerate.

Any unpleasant symptoms like itching, irritation and pain disappear quickly, along with a significant reduction in stress urinary incontinence (sneeze in peace!). Juliet laser for vaginal rejuvenation

The Juliet is used for other procedures besides vaginal rejuvenation including laser micro peels and skin resurfacing.

Why is this laser so impressive?

The Juliet is the fastest of all the German-engineered Erbium lasers, with the smallest ‘spot’ size, which means the treatment area can be quite small if need be. The healing times are much quicker than other lasers (particularly a type called CO2 lasers), and the heat that comes off the Juliet is also limited, reducing pain and risks. There is no anaesthetic required for small sections, but if any discomfort is experienced, a topical anaesthetic can be applied.

The special handpiece has been designed with vaginas in mind, and the patented instrument allows the treatment of the full vaginal wall.

We love our Juliet laser and so do our clients. We understand your decision to have any intimate procedure is a very personal one, so contact us for a private consultation to discuss your needs.

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