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What happens if I put on weight after liposuction?

What happens if I put on weight after liposuction?
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  • What happens if I put on weight after liposuction?

Many people dive into liposuction without understanding the nature of fat storage in the human machine. This means that without proper preparation and client education, putting on weight later on can result in fat deposits in strange places.

Here’s why.

Fat cells expand and shrink, you don’t grow new ones
When you hit puberty, you more or less have all the fat cells you will ever have. That means if you were a fat kid, you’ll probably be a fat grown-up, because you have more fat cells to collect the energy-nectar your body processes from the food you eat – glucose. Fat is simply glucose in another, more stable, storable form.

The way humans turn glucose into fat is the way a honeybee collects pollen and turns it into honey. Honey is bees’ form of stored energy. Fat is humans’ form of stored energy.

When you remove fat cells, the glucose has to go somewhere else to be stored
When you have liposuction, a whole collection of fat cells disappear from your energy ecosystem, often from the place your body likes to collect it – hips, thighs, abdomen, or wherever you got liposuction.

This means when your body gets more glucose than it is using (from the food you eat), it wants to store it as fat – a perfectly normal occurrence – but after liposuction, the glucose is then sent to a different fat cell, maybe in your legs, arms, chin, or belly, and deposits it there.

Hence we discover the strange locations you could possibly ‘get fat’ in if you put on weight after liposuction.

Being healthy beforehand really does make your liposuction results better
This is why it’s really important to be a sustainable size at the time you get liposuction, so you can eat normally afterwards without storing excess fat in unexpected places. It’s also why Dr Rich is always diligent with his liposuction clients, both in preparation for the procedure itself, and making sure your body-fat distribution behaves itself later on.

This means if you do put on weight later – which happens for lots of reasons, including pregnancy, ageing, and lifestyle changes – Dr Rich’s liposuction work will remain an asset. Read more about who gets the most out of liposuction. 

For a personal consultation with Dr Rich to discuss your more contoured future self, contact us.

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