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What is the ENRICH Intimate Program?

What is the ENRICH Intimate Program?
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We’ve set up a unique vaginal rejuvenation program – the only one of its kind in Australia – that is based on your specific needs using our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise. The program is designed to reduce urinary incontinence, improve vaginal tightness, and increase vaginal moisture.

The vaginal rejuvenation process improves the lining of the vagina from the cells outwards, so it’s not just a Band-Aid treatment, but a true process of cellular rejuvenation. It can also tighten and plump the vulva– a natural outcome of many treatments.

Up until recently, treating vaginal laxity and stress urinary incontinence hasn’t been a possibility for any woman anywhere, so this might seem too good to be true. It’s not a trick! This effective program actually exists with vaginal tightness, natural lubrication and urinary function as its primary focus.

Vaginal rejuvenation – Intimate Package outlines

  1. Premenopausal woman with mild symptoms
    One Juliet laser treatment and one ThermiVa treatment four weeks apart
  2. Pre-menopausal woman with moderate symptoms
    One Juliet and two ThermiVa treatments, each four weeks apart
  3. Postmenopausal woman with mild and moderate symptoms
    Two Juliet and two ThermiVa treatments alternating every four weeks
  4. Maintenance treatments
    Typically performed annually with Juliet laser or ThermiVa, or both

Start your vaginal revolution.
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