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Who can perform injectable treatments? Cosmetic dermatologist Melbourne

Who can perform injectable treatments? Cosmetic dermatologist Melbourne
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injectable treatments in melbourne

Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can be used to naturally smooth, lift and plump the skin. It is important that these medical procedures be performed only by trained and qualified practitioners. Our injectables are all performed by our ENRICH doctors.  This will minimise the likelihood of associated risks and potential side effects, and leave you in safe and capable hands should you require extra care following your treatment.

Since opening over thirty years ago, ENRICH Clinic in Armadale, Melbourne has gained a reputation for excellence and innovation as a leading dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinic.  As a medical clinic, we pride ourselves on specialising in the integration and combination of therapeutic, surgical, laser and procedural treatment for all skin conditions and cosmetic and aesthetic issues.

Our team – ENRICH Clinic Melbourne 

Dr Michael Rich leads a team of experienced doctors, dermatologists and nurses. Each practitioner is highly trained in the myriad of advanced lasers, treatments and therapeutic devices available at ENRICH. You’ll be in safe hands at ENRICH Clinic.

Stick to the professionals – Cosmetic dermatologist Melbourne

Although injectable treatments are more and more readily available, you should only see trained and qualified practitioners for any injectable procedure. As with any medical procedure, there are risks of infection, discolouration and lumps. A skilled and experienced practitioner will be able to minimise the risks associated with injectable treatments, and treat you appropriately and effectively should something go wrong. Don’t hesitate to ask about training and certification.

Contact ENRICH Clinic today to secure an appointment with one of our experienced doctors or dermatologists.

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