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Are scrotum lifts using anti-wrinkle injections for men real?

Are scrotum lifts using anti-wrinkle injections for men real?
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anti wrinkle injections for scrotum liftsTwo new procedures just for men are emerging as odd additions to the anti-wrinkle keep-everything-tight movement: anti-wrinkle injections and the scrotoplasty. 


Anti-wrinkle injections for scrotum lifts

The first procedure involves the injection of anti-wrinkle substances into the scrotum to make it smooth and unwrinkled, much like you would into the forehead to stop frown lines. The second procedure that is starting to be performed is the scrotal lift.

Men’s use of cosmetic fillers is up over 350 per cent since 2000, but the use of muscle and nerve-affecting injections (anti-wrinkle injections) doesn’t really have any medical backing, though nor does it have any opposition. The point is, we just don’t know yet. Otherwise, we’re on our own. The first scrotal lift – a scrotoplasty – was performed in 2016.

Smooth as silk

Some men are seeking out smoother scrotums for purely aesthetic purposes, with the smoother skin making the testicles and scrotum appear bigger. This smoothness mimics the effect of a warm day on the scrotum, which drops to preserve sperm integrity: sperm don’t like it too hot or too cold, which is why the scrotum shrinks and sags as it needs to in a self-regulating action.

The safety of anti-wrinkle procedures in the scrotum is unknown and the procedure is not advisable, since the self-regulating function of the scrotum in protecting the testicles cannot be overstated. Overriding this function could result in sperm being damaged. While this may not impact many men in any material way, damaging the testicles could have negative consequences in ways we don’t yet understand.

The Scrotoplasty – high and mighty

A scrotum lift, for purely aesthetic reasons, is now a reality. A surgeon in the UK is performing scrotal lifts for about AU$4,500. It is, naturally, a very delicate procedure though minimally invasive.

Excess skin is removed, while joins are repositioned where the natural grooves are in the scrotal seam, reducing any visible scar. It takes about an hour, performed under local anaesthetic. Tenderness should be expected for a few days, but is very manageable. Best not to go horse riding, however.

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