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Ultraformer III for Skin Tightening

Ultraformer III for Skin Tightening
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The Ultraformer III is the latest addition to our range of skin tightening devices, with ENRICH being the pioneer in Victoria with this technology.

The Ultraformer III is an innovative treatment using precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves concentrating on the soft tissue of the neck, chin, face and some areas of the body.

These high-intensity focused ultrasonic (HIFU) waves stimulate tightening and strengthening of the supporting tissue for a more youthful appearance. Ultraformer treatments are non-invasive and come with no downtime. In fact, Ultraformer offers a non-surgical, non-injection facelift.

Understanding from whence it came – and into the future

The first ultrasound device of this kind on the market was Ulthera. It was a breakthrough and initially unique, but, in Dr Rich’s opinion, it is now not only second generation. The Ultraformer is much more effective, cheaper for the patient and can treat many more areas of the body. 

Clinical evaluation has shown that after the treatment, there is perceivable tissue lifting over the next three to six months, without any downtime.

The recovery process of HIFU

  • Skin is usually red immediately following the treatment, usually lasting for a few hours
  • Mild bruising and swelling can occur for several days after the procedure
  • The skin may feel slightly numb for up to a few weeks
  • A tingling sensation may be experienced for a few weeks

Understanding high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU is a non-surgical facial tissue lifting procedure that can also remove unwanted fat. We love our Ultraformer because it’s got such power. The Ultraformer targets three layers of tissue, outperforming its peers, which only target one layer. You, therefore, need fewer treatments to get much better results.

You’ll see visible improvements to skin after about three months. Collagen production takes weeks and weeks to develop, and always takes this long. The natural removal of damaged fat cells also takes a little while, so you do have to wait a little while to see results.

Areas we love for the Ultraformer at our Melbourne clinic

  • Jawline
  • Around the mouth
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Softening nasolabial folds
  • Acne scarring
  • Browlift
  • Cellulite
  • Tummy for loose or stretched skin

We see an improvement in skin tone, contour and strength. The procedure is incredibly safe with no known long-term side-effects from treatment. We can also utilise our other cosmetic miracles to supercharge your treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.

Read more about our HIFU and Ultraformer treatments and make an appointment


What is a therapeutic ultrasonic wave?

The Ultraformer makes the most of high-intensity ultrasound waves, which penetrate and are absorbed by the tissue. A therapeutic ultrasound causes some therapeutic benefit, used in several forms, with HIFU being but one.

An ultrasonic wave is a sound wave that can’t be heard by us humans, running at between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz. That is, way beyond what we can hear, which is in the range of 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. While that might make you wonder what is going on around us that we can’t hear, we can use these sound waves to effect change in cells.

The effect is both thermal and nonthermal in nature, which increases blood flow to the treatment area, reducing pain and swelling, and a gentle ‘massage’ of tissue. No strain is added, with scar tissue softening.

The thermal effects are due to the absorption of sound waves, while nonthermal effects are from what’s known as cavitation, meaning the formation of bubbles in liquid that stimulates the cell membrane. This stimulation impacts and enhances the cell’s repair capacities and anti-inflammatory response. Ultrasonic waves increase the flow of fluids between body structures.

We also use both focused and unfocused ultrasonic waves in:

  • Lithotripsy (targeted ultrasonic waves that break up kidney stones or other calcified body deposits)
  • Drug delivery via the skin
  • Stemming bleeding (ultrasound haemostasis)
  • Cancer or tumour therapy (heating up a cancerous growth to kill cells, delivering drugs to brain cancers)
  • Breaking up blood clots (thrombolysis)
  • Sorting cells or particles for research
  • Cleaning plaque off teeth
  • Cataract treatments
  • Varicose vein treatments
  • Assisting liposuction treatments

How was ultrasound developed?

In World War II, sonar systems were found to heat up and kill fish, leading to research on the impacts of sonic waves on tissue. We’ve been using ultrasound since 1940 in physical and occupational therapy.

The tissue that absorbs the most ultrasonic energy is connective tissue: tendons, joints, ligaments, fascia and scar tissue. This makes ultrasonic waves great for treating issues with connective tissue such as sprains, inflammation, arthritis and scar tissue.

When used in anti-ageing and for skin rejuvenation, the same principles are applied to improve skin.

Like science? Read more about how HIFU works from the researchers themselves.


How we do a HIFU facial treatment

We first cleanse your face and if necessary apply an anaesthetic. We then apply ultrasound gel, which increases the efficacy of the device and allows the smooth application across the skin.

You’ll first notice a pinprick sensation, and warmth, akin to a prickle of sweat. It may feel a little uncomfortable as the energy is applied to underlying layers, however, the discomfort isn’t lasting.

You may have swelling, redness or tenderness after the treatment as your body kicks into gear and heals your tissue. The redness and slight swelling will dissipate.

You will immediately notice a distinct tightening effect. This tightening is due to collagen fibres – protein – being heated and shrunk, the way an egg or sausage shrinks when you heat it. Protein shrinks when it’s heated, retracting it. You’ll need to wait three months to see the full effects, but it’s worth the wait. Ultraformer treatments are fantastic!

We have the Ultraformer and offer non-surgical skin tightening.
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