Liposuction Melbourne – what is

7 January, 2019

Dr Michael Rich of ENRICH Clinic Armadale has been at the forefront of the tumescent liposuction technique in Australia for over twenty-five years. Considered the gold-standard in liposuction techniques, read on to find out why we favour this method over all else. Contact ENRICH Clinic to secure a liposuction consult with Dr Michael Rich. Tumescent […]


Liposuction Melbourne – is it

13 December, 2018

Dr Michael Rich  of ENRICH Clinic Melbourne has been at the forefront of the best liposuction procedures for over twenty-five years. Dr Rich was trained by Dr Jeffrey Klein, the founder of the tumescent liposuction technique. Liposuction is a safe and effective method for the removal of stubborn fat deposits in the arms, abdomen, neck, […]


Dermatology Melbourne – Skin specialists

22 November, 2018
Dr Michael Rich leads a team of experienced and skilled cosmetic dermatologists, doctors and nurses. ENRICH Clinic is also home to the most advanced, state-of-the-art treatments and technologies. We also pride ourselves on our expertise in skin treatments. Contact ENRICH Clinic to secure an appointment with one of our experienced dermatologists. Dermatologist – working from [...]

ENRICH Clinic cosmetic dermatologist –

6 November, 2018
Dr Michael Rich, the founder and director of ENRICH Clinic Melbourne, is a dermatologist specialising in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology and surgery. With 30 years’ experience, Dr Rich has an acclaimed reputation as one of the leading dermatology and cosmetic surgeons in Melbourne As a highly regarded liposuction specialist, Dr Rich has chaired the liposuction [...]