Weight reduction with liposuction –

1 July, 2018
It’s important to understand what liposuction can and can’t do for you, by understanding the basics of fat and the liposuction procedure itself. The purpose of liposuction is to reshape the body, not to lose weight. The natural conclusion is of course you have to lose fat if it’s being removed from your body – [...]

Laser liposuction procedures in Melbourne

27 June, 2018
Understanding liposuction procedures and how they differ from one another is key to getting great results that are within your expectations. There is only one true way to perform liposuction, with additional tools, like laser, adding to the procedure, but not defining it. You cannot remove fat with just a laser by itself; laser liposuction [...]

Understanding how fat works with

14 May, 2018
There is a lot to know about fat and how it works in our bodies, but some specific parts of how fat works are good to know when you are considering liposuction procedures. Understanding how fat works means you can not only manage your expectations in terms of what liposuction can do for you, but [...]

What is the difference between

6 May, 2018
There is a lot of marketing regarding different ‘types’ of liposuction, but in reality, liposuction is still liposuction, but we can use different tools to help us do the job. These tools may be the laser - Smartlipo – or the ultrasound – Vaser - devices, which are not two different procedures, but in fact [...]