Luscious lips – Lip fillers

5 September, 2018

Dermal fillers can be used to add volume and definition to the lips. Looking for luscious, lovely lips? Contact the team at ENRICH Clinic today to make an appointment with one of our skilled and experienced doctors. Dermal fillers – lip fillers Melbourne  ENRICH Clinic specialises in dermal filler treatment. Dermal filler is a safe, non-invasive method of […]


Erase dark circles with dermal

22 August, 2018
The under-eye area is a common cosmetic concern, with complaints generally relating to puffiness, dark circles and eye bags. The use of dermal fillers in the under-eye area, or tear troughs, can be treated with dermal fillers which help to smooth the under eye and upper cheek areas. ENRICH Clinic Melbourne is home to cosmetic doctors [...]

Some unexpectedly sweet things about

30 December, 2017

Lip fillers are having their moment in the sun – effective volume boosters to even the tiniest of lips. But why are lip fillers so good? We explain. #1. Lip fillers make your lips better. That’s right. Safe as houses, lip filler at our Melbourne clinic is a substance found naturally in our skin and […]


Australian doctors seek ban on

20 November, 2017

Australian doctors are calling for a ban on all non-essential cosmetic surgeries for anyone under the age of 18. The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) proposes that stricter controls be put into place so that teenagers are not receiving cosmetic or surgical procedures of any kind – no liposuction, no lip filler, no nose […]