Subcision, Punch Excision, Punch Elevation and Punch Grafting for acne scarring

A combination of treatments are often used in conjunction with our acne scar-removal treatments.

What is subcision, punch excision, punch elevation and punch grafting?
Subcision is beneficial when acne scarring has left ‘depressions’ or ‘divots’ on the skin’s surface. The procedure involves breaking up the fibrous tissue under the scar which pulls the skin downwards.

Punch Excision, Punch Elevation and Punch Grafting are techniques where damaged skin is removed by excision of tiny areas of scarred skin, depressions in the skin are elevated, and undamaged skin (usually taken from behind the ear) can be used to repair areas if needed.

What happens during the treatment?
Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area so that the procedure is comfortable.

During this procedure some bleeding occurs which is beneficial in assisting to raise the skin and flatten out the depressed scars.

After this treatment, the depressed or divot areas of the skin appear to be less deep, but there can be some associated mild swelling.

Recovery process
Swelling can take a week or two to settle.

When are results visible?
Results may not be seen for up to 6-24 weeks.

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