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Additional laser treatments for pigmentation

Additional laser treatments for pigmentation
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The Diode LED light therapy provides gentle facial rejuvenation with no downtime. It can be used as a stand-alone pigmentation treatment, but is commonly used in conjunction with glycolic peels. It can also be used following laser treatments for the enhancement and recovery from treatments.

          What is the Diode for?

  • collagen proliferation
  • improvement of microcirculation within the skin
  • decreasing swelling or redness of the skin

The LED technology delivers light safely and effectively without any physical trauma or thermal damage to the skin surface.

         What happens during treatment?

  • The face is cleaned of all makeup and creams prior to treatment.
  • The eyes are covered and then the light turned on, surrounding the face to deliver the infrared light for a carefully timed period to achieve optimal therapeutic benefit.

         Recovery process

The LED light is a no-downtime treatment. In fact, we use it to reduce downtime associated with other more aggressive treatments.

     RevLite Laser
The RevLite is the next generation of Q-switch ND: YAG laser technology. It is a multi-purpose, multi-wavelength laser that offers maximum power and versatility for a broad range of indications on all skin types.

RevLite utilises an extremely high speed shutter to produce nanosecond pulse widths, enabling highly effective procedures with increased safety. Additionally, the superior photo rejuvenation will create a more refreshed appearance, decreased redness and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

          RevLite can be used for:

Our technology includes:

  • Q-switch Ruby
  • RevLite Q-switch Nd:YAG 532 and 1064 nm
  • Fractional-switch Ruby
  • Excel V long pulsed vascular and pigment laser
  • Apogee Elite long pulsed Alexandrite 755 nm
  • Fraxel 1927 nm
  • Carbon Dioxide and Erbium lasers which vaporise surface skin, thus removing pigmented lesions
  • Portrait plasma technology

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