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How microdermabrasion differs from laser skin rejuvenation

How microdermabrasion differs from laser skin rejuvenation
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Laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion using a diamond tip are both effective nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments, however they do differ in their application. Both treatments aim for the same outcome: the top layer of skin removed, to stimulate collagen and elastin, and to provide a rejuvenating skin boost.

At ENRICH in Melbourne, our microdermabrasion is done with a laser, so it is in fact a form of laser skin rejuvenation, but many clinics are still using the diamond-tipped sandblasting-type microdermabrasion machines. Diamond-tipped machines use tiny abrasive particles and a vacuum suction device that removes the debris as the treatment is carried out.

Laser skin resurfacing relies on high-intensity energy pulses to remove the top layer of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath, while microdermabrasion uses a sort of sandblasting action. The goal of both treatments is to smooth out skin, so any valleys, hills, blemishes or marks are softened. This creates a finer texture and a more evenly toned look.

Lasers do a more effective job of skin rejuvenation because the laser beam is able to penetrate deeper into the skin without causing damage, vaporising upper layers of skin cells. Microdermabrasion’s reach is rather superficial in comparison and unless you are undergoing dermabrasion – the really hardcore sandblasting type – the sandy bitties don’t get too far in, or you would bleed (as occurs in dermabrasion).

Any form of microdermabrasion causes the skin to produce collagen and elastin as it performs its healing process, which makes skin imperfections less visible or removes them entirely. There are different types of lasers that do the trick, with every dermatologist having their own preferences.

Microdermabrasion – the manual method – may cause some downtime compared to laser microdermabrasion. A single, effective deeper laser treatment can supersede multiple microdermabrasion appointments, but it depends on your budget and what you are after.

Laser skin rejuvenation can be very gentle on the skin, remarkably so, as can microdermabrasion. There is a sliding scale of depth for these treatments, where you can get deep treatments that cause downtime, to the most lightweight that give you a refresher, without any redness.

Laser skin resurfacing

Deeper treatments might include resurfacing the skin, which has a sliding scale of depth. Laser skin resurfacing can be used for serious skin flaws, sun damage, and blemishes, offering a fresh slate of sorts.

Laser skin treatments can be performed using one of a handful of lasers, from CO2 lasers, Erbium lasers, and others. Each treatment is tailored to your needs, so you get the best results. You cannot perform these treatments at home, and a professional clinic with trained, experienced practitioners is your best bet for a great outcome. Most skin types and any skin tone can be treated, but anyone with rosacea and some other skin issues may be excluded.

We do effective microdermabrasion at our Melbourne clinic.
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