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Red vein removal in Melbourne

Red vein removal in Melbourne
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Our Melbourne clinic can remove your visible red veins in easy treatments with our magnificent laser, clearing up red veins around your nose, cheeks, chest and face.

Red Vein Removal Treatment

Our red vein removal treatments are fast and effective for those with visible veins anywhere from the chest up. This treatment is for those red veins that can appear on the cheeks or nose.

These red veins are not dangerous but can stand out on our faces, being of cosmetic concern. Visible redness and stand-out veins can be greatly reduced in men and women of any age.

How does red vein removal work?

We apply the laser beam in a specific frequency to the area with the red veins. The beam of energy is absorbed by the blood vessel, effectively destroying it using heat. The vein is then reabsorbed by your body and disappears. Surrounding tissue isn’t harmed in this process, just the vein itself.

How fast does red vein removal treatment work?

Most veins will disappear from view during treatments, and some larger veins may take up to two weeks to disappear or reduce in size.

Number of red vein removal treatments required

How many red vein removal treatments you need will depend largely on how many veins need treating and how visible/large they are. Most people require one, two, or three treatments to clear most of the red veins on their face. If you just have a couple of small veins to treat, your treatments will be much faster and effective.

Does red vein removal hurt?

Generally, you’ll feel a bit of a sting during your red vein removal treatments, with redness afterwards. The redness typically disappears within a few hours.

Red vein removal on the cheeks

Red veins on the cheeks can be streaky or branched, varying in size and how pronounced they are. Once the red vein removal treatments are complete, the skin will have a much more even tone to it, with the visible blood vessels mostly gone.

You may have some redness that remains, with no visible vessels actually present. This is because other blood vessels are close to the surface. Further treatments may be very helpful here, to get to the blood vessels lying just beneath. Your dermatologist can advise.

 Red vein removal on the nose

Visible red veins on the nose can be treated in the same way as cheeks – these red veins often appear along the nostril area and the bulb of the nose and can be zapped quickly and effectively.

Why do we develop visible red veins?

Red veins become visible when they come close to the surface of the skin. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including sun damage, inflammation, and certain skin conditions like rosacea.

The people who see the most red veins appear have seen a lot of sun, but have paler skin, but it can happen to anyone.

We do fast, effective red vein removal treatments.
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